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Small Press Reviews Calls Germ Warfare “Bizarre, Funny and Kind of Gross”

Cold and flu season is upon us, so what better way to celebrate than with a bit of germ warfare — or at least a copy of Germ Warfare: An Anthology of Comics for Germs and their Generous Human Hosts?

This bizarre collection of comics takes a microscopic look at the world of infectious bacteria and offers, among other things, a germ’s eye view of the atrocities we humans commit every time we pump a dollop of sanitizer onto our hands or take a dose of penicillin.

Other highlights include several visits to the home of germaphobes Stew and Berryl Sterrel as they struggle to remain germ-free despite the best efforts of their baby and a comical retelling of HG Wells’ War of the Worlds.

Overall, this collection carries a strong underground comics vibe – none of the offerings more so than the Mark McGinty penned and Lupi McGinty illustrated “Perched on the Denim Slope,” a graphic homage to JG Ballard’s “The Drowned Giant” whose art is reminiscent of Charles Burns and the Hernandez brothers.

Bizarre, funny, and kind of gross, Germ Warfare is the perfect gift for the germ warrior in your life!

 -Review by Marc Schuster


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Check out Andy Singer’s comic in Germ Warfare…

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Germ Warfare has started!

Germ Warfare

Germ Warfare is now available from Seventh Avenue Productions! An anthology of comics about germs and their generous human hosts features an army of Twin Cities-based cartoonists and the artwork of Ryan Dow, Andy Singer, Lance Ward, James Powell, Danno Klonowski, Vas Littlecrow, Nicholas Straight, David Cohen, Jon Sloan, Jeremy Olson, Mark McGinty, and Athena Currier. Edited by Lupi.

This is a humorous and charming collection of comics by a group of talented artists. The book is now available from Amazon and Barnes and Noble and also from Seventh Avenue Productions or email to order your copy.

The book will make its official debut at MIX, the Minneapolis Indie Xpo November 5-6, 2011 at The Soap Factory in Minneapolis. The event is free and open to the public on both days from 10:00am to 5:00pm.

Please visit and like our page:

And take a look at some of the artwork right here….

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Germ Warfare: Coming Soon!

Stay tuned! 

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Germ Warfare: Call for Submissions!

I’m putting together an anthology of funny comics dealing with germs and germophobes. It will be called “Germ Warfare,” and it will be sort of experimental. What I’d like to do is invite artists and writers to create stories about the characters I’ve been working on (who I now release to the community for this project). I’m hoping that, by having different people with different visions working from the same template, we can create something of a narrative that will feel like a mashup between loony tunes and urban legends.

I want participants to have fun and get silly with this. Put the characters in ridiculous situations. Have them interact with characters of your own creation if you want. The only requirements are that the stories should have something to do with germs, and should be appropriate for all ages.

The book will be black and white with a trim size of 6.69 x 9.61″ so all submissions should be prepared with these specifications in mind. This is proportionally very similar to standard comic book size, so art drawn on standard comic book art board will work just fine.

-Try to include a title panel and byline for yourself at the beginning of your story.
-Allow for a 1/4″ gutter on all sides
-Include a blurb about yourself and a link to your website with your submission
-Send submissions to by April 26, 2011
-Send your work as .jpg grayscale images, 600 dpi
-Give me a mailing address so I can send you a copy of the book
-Find someone to collaborate with, if you are an artist who doesn’t write, or a writer who doesn’t draw
-email me at if you have questions

-put page numbers on your work
-use colors or dark gray washes, as they will end up looking muddy in print. (Light-medium gray should be okay)

All participants will get a complementary copy of the finished book, bragging rights, and warm fuzzy thoughts from me.

Here are some notes on the personalities and body language of the characters I’ve created for the germ stories. If you haven’t already seen them, I’ve posted some short comics about them online here

The Humans
Stew and Beryl Sterrel are a married couple who are terrified of germs, and go to ridiculous, self-destructive lengths to avoid them.

Stew is the more fearful and panicky one. He is like a frightened rabbit, with a bald head, rounded features and a tendency to cringe and shrink when confronted with germs. Although he will occasionally have bursts of courage, he always seems to be on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

Beryl is taller and more robust than Stew, with more angular features. She is more aggressive and more apt to direct her energy outwards, instead of cowering like Stew. I think she is hyper-organized and obsesses over details.

There is also a baby, who, like all babies, gets into everything and puts gross things in his mouth. He is happy, healthy and oblivious in comparison to Stew and Beryl, who worry themselves sick.

The Germs
Obviously, there are billions of possibilities here. Mutant germs, staph infections, antibiotic-resistant bacteria, viruses… You could even make up a germ that is totally new to science. Let your imagination run wild.

If you do want to revisit the germ cultures (no pun intended) I drew, here is the basic info:

The jellybean shaped germs are friendly lactobacilli. They have a military order, but are too polite and civilized to really be threatening.

The slug-shaped germs with spots are aggressive, unnamed invaders who live on Stew’s skin. They have mismatched weapons and helmets which they plundered from previous victims.

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